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7 months ago

Superfoods That Warm You Up

As the temperature drops, don't be tempted to warm your belly with rich macaroni and cheese and creamy soup. Instead, get that toasty feeling from superfoods: healthy eats that are loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and immune-boosting powers that your body needs to power itself through cold weather. Read on to find the best hot foods to eat on chilly days and a few healthy tidbits to prepare them for ultimate nutrition.

Superfoods That Warm You UpWhen it gets cooler, it's the perfect time to break out the oatmeal. Oats are a whole grain, so you'll get a dose of fiber and plant-based protein to stop hunger with just one bowl. Plus, oatmeal contains a powerful starch called beta-gluc

10 months ago

Superfoods 2016: Food Trends You Should Be Eating

Superfoods. We sort-of know we should be taking them, but we also know that were fed up of being preached to by health bores extolling the virtues of Macedonia single origin rainforest leaf water. I mean, seriously. Not only is this stuff expensive and hard to locate, its also often a massive health con.

Nutritionist without the BS, Lisa Strong agrees. Its really confusing and expensive to buy every superfood youre told to theres always hype about something. The key to using superfoods to your advantage is knowing the best ones, and understanding how they work with the body.

We dont have to eat them all the time, every day - either. The trick is to get in tune with what your

10 months ago

Rick Bayless brings skillet tacos to The Dish

Chef Rick Bayless is celebrated for his award-winning Mexican cuisine - but it's his interests outside the kitchen that had food publication Eater recently asking, "Is Rick Bayless the most interesting man in the world?" Bayless stars in a dinner theater stage production, he's a yoga enthusiast, he cultivates $30,000 worth of produce in his backyard, and he hosts some "legendary" parties.

Bayless is now one of Chicago's most prominent chefs and has been hugely involved in Chicago Gourmet since its first year. He traditionally kicks off the weekend with the first celebrity chef cooking demo.

Here's how to make some of his signature dishes: skillet tacos, "sturdy greens" sa

11 months ago

People eat more unhealthy foods on days they drink | Reuters

By Kerry Grens

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Americans tend to eat more calories and fat on the days they also have alcoholic drinks, a new study suggests.

"Food choices changed on the days that people drank... and changed in an unhealthier direction for both men and women," said Rosalind Breslow, a nutritional epidemiologist at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the lead author of the study.

She said the new information gives people an opportunity to be more aware of what they're eating on the days they imbibe.

In a previous study

11 months ago

The morning after: Asia's top hangover cures

It's a self-induced ailment that transcends culture and language barriers. The hangover.

Whether youve binged on sake or baijou, the result is too often the same: pounding headache, mouth like a Russian wrestler's jockstrap, urge to spend the day close to something white and made of porcelain.

Though hangovers might be universal, cures for the brown bottle flu are not.

Some boozers swear that a greasy breakfast does the trick. But if you find yourself in an Asian city New Year's Day with nary a greasy English fry-up in sight, these local hangover cures should make you feel half-human in no time.

China: Congee